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LDG Datum Provides Essential Track Monitoring for Galway to Dublin Cycleway.

LDG Datum underpins Irish Government investment in national infrastructure and a healthier society.

Appointed by Jons Civil Engineering, LDG Datum were commissioned to design, install and maintain track monitoring for Irish Rail where the railway crosses the brand new Dublin to Galway Cycleway.

A world-class recreational trail designed to give visitors and domestic users access to the beauty and diversity of the country between the two cities, the Galway to Dublin cycleway stretches 276km.

Critical railway infrastructure not only runs parallel with the cycleway. On the Athlone section, the cycleway needed to cross under the tracks, creating the need for piling, excavation and heavy plant operations that could compromise the rail infrastructure.

LDG Datum designed, installed and maintained an effective and efficient way to monitor the rails and surrounding buildings for potential impacts of the works process.

LDG Datum’s track monitoring system incorporated technology that included a Leica TM50i ATS, 2No. Instantel Micromate vibration monitors & 2No. Micromate Sound Level Microphones. The system sent text messages to key personnel based on pre-set criteria, advising on changes of status.

“This inter-city scheme is a fantastic example of how the Irish government are committed to investing, not only in creating local jobs to construct the cycleway but also promoting the opportunity for a healthier society. Provision of this world class amenity has many challenges that are dealt with on a per section basis. Part of our remit is to ensure that local people, services and infrastructures remain unaffected by the works.

“Our core business is monitoring, therefore, we pride ourselves on the principles of supplying accurate, consistent and reliable data, so that our clients can make informed decisions relating to their projects. We are delighted that Jons Civil Engineering have engaged with us to supply their monitoring requirements.”


Mark Hodgen, Director at LDG Datum